Buy or Sell Gold in the Western Suburbs of Chicago

When the economy looks uncertain and other currencies lose their value, gold retains its worth. You can always trust your gold coins or jewelry to stay valuable, even during difficult times.

When you need to turn in your gold for cash, Fast Cash and Pawn can help. We have years of experience buying and selling gold in Northwest Chicago. All of our family-run locations have a friendly staff waiting to help you transform your valuables into easy money.

Small Loans

If you don’t want to sell your gold but need a short-term loan, we can get you some quick cash. We will appraise your items and assess their worth, then give you the money you need. You still own your item while it’s in pawn.

Gold for Sale

Fast Cash and Pawn is also a great place to find gold for sale. With so much experience buying and selling gold, you know you’ll get fair prices on a variety of unique items.

Come in for a Visit

To buy, sell, or take out a loan on your gold valuables, come visit one of our three locations.

Four Convenient Locations

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